Best Quick Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance in Fort Worth


Is there anything better than a cool, pristine dip in the pool after a long summer afternoon? As Texans, we get our fair share of summer heat and for some of us, our pool is the best escape. 

After a few summers, you begin to understand. You now know how much work it is to maintain your pool in Fort Worth, all year round. North Texas has unpredictable and sometimes fierce weather in the fall and winter months, while heavy usage of your pool during the summer requires constant upkeep. 

Don’t Worry, we have a few Fort Worth Pool Maintenance Quick Tips to share with you.

1. Skimming is must

Even when your pool remains covered, leaves, dirt, wrappers, and other debris find their way to your pool, which floats on the pool’s surface for a few days. But eventually, all the debris will settle at the bottom – making it a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. These unwelcome pool visitors pose a health hazard to your pool bathers, so it’s best not to have any of this in your pool!

Regular skimming reduces the chance for debris to settle at the bottom of your pool and become a bacterial or algae threat.

2. Pool Vacuuming make easy

Manually vacuuming your pool can take time. Either hiring a pool service company or relying on your automatic pool vacuum will make your pool swimmable all year round, regardless of what the North Texas weather decides. 

Automatic Pool Vacuums are more affordable and it does save time. Don’t neglect to brush the walls of your pool, since your Pool Vacuum won’t brush the walls clean. 

If your pool vacuum has trouble with fallen leaves at the bottom of your pool, likely due to North Texas weather, you may need to manually get those leaves out. But again, the Pool Vacuum will save a lot of your time. 

3. Chemical Balance is necessary

The chemical balance is a critical part of pool maintenance because a disbalance could lead to severe bacterial growth and ruin your backyard oasis. Every pool should maintain a pH level between 7.2-7.8, which is ideal.

With our Fort Worth Pool Service visits, we check the PH of each pool using PH testing strips. We encourage you to keep an eye on your pool’s PH levels regularly using testing strips. 

PH testing strips can be bought at hardware and pool supply store. 

4. Periodic Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

It is so common that people usually overlook the cleaning and maintenance of the water filters in their pool. They work silently in the background, and hence, they are forgotten.

Your filters keep your pool clean and pristine. Removing the filters and thoroughly cleaning them out will ensure your filters will be used throughout the year.  Both Deep Earth and Standard Pool Filters should be thoroughly cleaned twice a year.

5. Swab the Deck.

Your pool deck is the entryway into your pool. If you’ve had a Texas BBQ pool party with many guests or your pool has been used regularly, you might see dirt and debris at the edge of your pool and on the surrounding decking. Don’t forget to scrub and disinfect the pool deck to limit the dirty and potential germ activity in your pool.

6. Take a shower before you enter the pool.

Outdoor showers are awesome for removing dirt before it gets in the pool! Not every Texan will have an outdoor shower, but if you do – they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Encouraging your guests and getting into a routine of showering before hopping in will help prevent dirt and debris from entering your pool.

7. Chlorine Myths

Chlorine has become a villain in the pool world, due to a misconception. When bathers complain of pool water that hurts their eyes, it’s not the chlorine that is the culprit. 

A chemical imbalance is responsible for the burning eye sensation that bathers complain about. So to keep your family and guests happy, monitor how much chlorine you need to add. 

Above mentioned were some of the quick pool maintenance tips that could help the pool owners get over the pool maintenance headaches. Remember that frequent, short maintenance sessions every few days is much easier than deep cleaning sessions. 

Although, hiring the pool maintenance professional is one of the best ideas to take off maintenance burden off your shoulders. Such professionals hold special expertise and knowledge about the pools, which can help you to keep the pool healthy to swim in. There a variety of pool maintenance services available, call us if we can help you with your pool maintenance needs at 817-381-6381